Everything You Need to Know about Cannabis Concentrates and Using them Responsibly

Cannabis Concentrates Canada
Source: Extraction Magazine

As suggested by the name, cannabis concentrates are concentrated form of CBD and THC extracts obtained from marijuana flower which contains other terpenes and cannabinoids. Today, with technological advancements, cannabinoid concentrates are easy to make though traditional techniques are still practiced. 

Concentrates contain cannabinoids found in dried hemp flowers. The potency of CBD concentrates can be as high as 90 percent which can make first-time experiences unpleasant. However, magic mushroom extract changes brains of people with depression. Enthusiasts have long believed that it’s ability to induce profound-feeling experiences could be therapeutically useful. You can choose a wide range of magic mushroom products from MicroZoomers. When taken in moderation, they can provide medicinal as well as recreational effects one looks for. Let us explore different types of CBD concentrates, their use and potency in detail.

What are Cannabis Concentrates?

They are processed marijuana products obtained by separating resin and trichomes from the bud in order to get the maximum amount of terpenes and cannabinoids without any plant material. While flowers contain about 20 percent THC, concentrates have up to 80 to 90 percent. Concentrates are found in various cannabis products from tinctures and oils to edibles and can be consumed in their original form using equipment like vaporizers and dab rigs. Once consumed, the effect takes no time to hit and can last from one to three hours. 

Types of Concentrates

A wide variety of CBD Concentrates is available in the market. They vary depending on the chemicals used for extraction, the extraction method and part of the plant used. Let us understand some of the main types of concentrates in detail.


The simplest form of cannabis concentrates, Kief is popular among cannabis enthusiasts. It is a powdery material which collects at the bottom of the grinder when you grind the bud. It is highly potent as it is mostly trichomes separated from plant material.

Kief is really easy to use and simple to make. You can use a grinder and kief catcher to collect kief to get super high. You can add some oil to the outside of joint and roll the entire joint in kief to get a stronger concentrate. You can also mix kief and weed in a bowl or simply sprinkle it in a joint.


The highly well-known and oldest form of cannabis concentrate, Hash is used in all the corners of the world today. The term hash is used to describe a substance made by separating trichomes from plant material and forming resin into a mass. There are various types of hash made by using different methods. 

The most popular ways of consuming hash are smoking and eating. Those who want to avoid smoking can take hash through edibles. One of the easiest ways is baking hash cookies. 


Shatter or dabs are the purest forms of CBD Concentrates. It is made by using a solvent like butane to extract THC in its purest form. The process is called BHO or Butane Hash Oil extraction. Shatter appears to be like a piece of colored glass with a consistency resembling hard candy. It is quite potent with up to 80 percent THC. Since it is solid in state, shatter is difficult to work with. A variety of equipment including bongs, vapes and dab rigs are used to consume this product.